Monday, 5 March 2012

Complete Guide to Make Money on Mturk !!

One of the few websites that pay you for your hard work is Mechanical Turk – though it can be small for many people across the world. But it’s still worth a few hours of your time to work on some fun HITs or task.
One thing which is good about Mturk is that there is no fixed time that you should allot to work. It’s like you’re your own boss at Mturk. Any time of the day you can log on to your account and start your work, but depends on the type of HITs available at that point of time
Work available is plenty, most of the time to the tune of lakhs (hundred thousand) of HITs. Task that reward from 1 cent to 10 dollars. While most experienced turkers advice not to work on tasks that give pay .01 cent. To a new comer the lowest paying HITs is a way to spend some time on doing HITs as well as getting familiar to the interface and the site workflow. for more details click here


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