Friday, 16 March 2012

ബജറ്റ്; വില കൂടുന്നവയും, കുരയുന്നവയും !!

c¬¥Vvp¢: ¨d¡Y¤fV®Q×¢v c¢J¤Y¢ c¢j´¤Jw dj¢n®Jj¢µY¢¨c Y¤Tt¼® h¤É¢i Cc«J¡t, BV«fj loí¤´w, ±e¢V®Q®, F.o¢, o¢Lj×®, o§tX«, dë¡×¢c«, l¡µ®, l¢h¡ci¡±Y ¨Ok©ls¤«, ¨h¡¨¨fv c¢j´® J¥T¤«, Cs´¤hY¢ ¨O़ ¨¨o´¢w F¼¢li®´® l¢k J¥T¤«.

J¡uot, Fi®V®o® hj¤¼¤Jw, Fv.o¢.V¢, Fv.C.V¢, o¢c¢h¡ T¢´×®, pªo¢«L® ¨o¡¨¨o×¢ ©olc c¢j´® J¤si¤«, ©s¡V®, ¨si¢v c¢t½¡X i±É¹w, ¨sV¢¨hi®V® Y¤X¢·j¹w, ¨l¾¢ BgjX¹w, AiV¢u ©Ot· D¸®, ©o¡i Dkç¼¹w, Y£¨¸¶¢ (Y£j¤l 10 mYh¡c·¢v c¢¼® 4 mYh¡ch¡´¢), o¢.Fe®.Fv, oª©j¡tÒ l¢q´®, Fv.C.V¢ fwf® F¼¢li®´® l¢k J¤si¤«.

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