Friday, 2 March 2012

ഓഹാരിയിലും, ഒപ്ഷന്സിലും, കംമോടിട്ടിയിലും, ലാഭം നേടാന്‍ !

Mr. Benny Koshy a Professional Technical Analyst, having vast experience in analysis and research in the stock market since 1989. He is also known as Trainer, Columnist and also provide advice via Business news in Television Programs.
Benny has conducted various training program all over Kerala on Technical Analysis, Futures & Options and Hedging strategies for the past 7 years. Thousands of participants have attended and benefited from the training program. The training members ranging from house wife to highly qualified professionals like Chartered Accountants, Auditors and Journalist etc.
Benny conducted corporate training programs for the employees of Geojit PNB Paribas Ltd. and numerous Business associates with JRG Securities Ltd, Religare Securities, Geojit BNP Paribas Ltd etc.
Benny’s articles have been published in “Sampadyam”, Manlayalam Manorama and “New Age” business daily. His advice and recommendations are followed by Malayalam Manorama TV program viewers. His tips on stock both intraday and delivery, options intraday and positional have 90 % accuracy.)
Benny is developing Live and EOD Technical Analysis Software to enhance our client to make reasonable returns.for more details need to know about him click here

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