Monday, 7 September 2015

Paidverts site how can use ? [ Earners Attention ]

Steps to make money PaidVerts: 1. Register. 2. Know the site and its operation. 3. Winning BAPS, if there is no BAPS then new ads will not arrive. How can I win BAPS? When you register you listed a series of links in Paid Ads section, every day you will receive 16 ads that will give you 25 BAPS p/ad, after seven days, that is, in the eighth day you'll only receive 8 advertisements 25 BAPS p/ad. By doing ad campaigns, for every USD you invest in campaigns you'll receive 3100 BAPS or the equivalent of 1.55 USD. 4. Level up. PaidVerts has (now) 15 user levels, level 1 is reached by 1600 or more BAPS, the more BAPS you have in your account more chances you have to win because they'll send you higher value ads. But why my BAPS are consumed? Every ad that comes to you will consume BAPS, that is, if you get an ad of 0.0005 value this value will be deducted in BAP, in short every 2000 BAPS that you see in ads will makes you earn 1 USD. 5. INVESTING Once you know the site and others I suggest that you invest in My Traffic Value, that way you can make more transactions and you will make more money. Finally I commented that the bottom line is to be consistent and never despair, the first weeks are critical in your finances if you want to transcend then you should be very patient. Another thing you should do is to always be informed of any changes that might occur, this is vital because you come here to win, not to lose. From my point of view PaidVerts it is the best opportunity to make money online. for register and need to earn real money click here or below banner !!


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