Friday, 14 September 2012

Paypal Safe secured Payout-Pay in system (Know about)

Paypal is a subsidiary of With paypal an individual or company can send and receive money with an e-mail address. This secured transaction is quick and easy. They utilize world's most highly sophisticated technology to prevent fraud and creates a globally accepted real time payment solution. This global leader of it's own kind have 100 million account holders account holders world wide. They are operating around 103 countries world wide. Buyers and sellers of Ebay Online retailers, business man as well as off line retailers are transacting with Paypal.
    Once you signed up with paypal can send and receive money through Internet. Signing up with paypal  is as simple as that of creating an email account. From the paypal account re4gistration page select the type of account you needed ( Personal, Premium, Business). Then select the country you live. Then click next. Then enter your personal information and sign up. In order to facilitate transaction you need a credit card. We have to submit our credit card information to paypal. It is based on this information paypal recognizes our identity. You can choose your fund of transaction from a credit card, Bank account or paypal account balance.  

     When you send money via pay pal, recipient get an email from paypal to notify that an amount is received from you. When you want to receive money from some body all you want to do is to give them your Email Id. When the sender sends money to you your paypal account will be credited with the amount as soon as the sender sends it. Also you will get a notification via your email regarding the credited amount. You can transfer this amount to your bank account or through paypal check or you can utilize this amount for further payments for somebody else.

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