Friday, 2 December 2011

Referral Marketing for What !

Referral Marketing is also very similar to Affilative Marketing today almost all web based companies are promoting referral  marketing  in order to gain more potential customers to there websites.

Difference between Traditional Referral Marketing and Online Referral Marketing.

Traditional Referral Marketing is a method of marketing that relies on gaining new customers by referral usually through word of mouth.

Online Referral Marketing using digital marketing (email, website, blogs, social forums, SMS’s etc…) as a platform, is the internet based successor to traditional referral marketing. Given the advances in tracking customer behavior online through the use of web browser cookies, online referral marketing provides a higher degree of accountability.

How the Online Referral Marketing works?

After signing up for free with companies listed in our website they will provide a unique referral link, your job is to promote that referral link over internet using any method like sending emails to your friends, relatives or posting your referral link in social network sites, blogs or any other internet platform. When your friends, relatives or anyone who creates a free account with these companies through your referral link your account will be credited with the specified amount mentioned in there website.

Here are few free referral programs…..


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