Friday, 2 December 2011

Get Paid to receive e-mails

Get Paid To Receive Emails….

What is getting paid for reading email?

People are always sending us junk mail, right? Everyone else is making money off of your name, why shouldn't you? In the past, advertisers would pay a student list company or a school for your name. Now, instead of going through them, they can come directly to you, for a price... Billions of emails are sent over the internet every day! Now, get paid for email that you receive from the companies That's right, they pay their members for reading their email and referring others.

How do they do it?

Advertisers pay to email to you. They in turn give some of those revenues back to you... the consumer! Their advertisers get a captive audience for their product and you get paid for learning about their offer! You should sign up for these services if you would like to receive e-mail advertisements, specials, sales, coupons, notices, surveys, and prizes from companies and charities and get paid for it.

When do you get paid?
That depends on which of the companies you sign up for. When your account reaches a certain limit such as Rs 200/- or $10. Be sure and check with each individual company as to their payment policy.

How Do I Sign Up?
Here are few companies offering Free sign up Join all of the companies membership is absolutely free….
100% Free To Join Programs
Indian Company payment confirmed by us. Earn Rs 2/- by referring others
US Based Company. Great opportunity to earn some extra cash by just opening emails


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