Friday, 1 July 2011

The Dollar Pit (An Earning opportunity !!!)

When joined this site and for maybe the first month, i thought "oh look, its just another gpt site, i might as well stay for the cashout and leave". however, now looking back i realized how stupid i was. this site has been one of the sites that proved to me that there ARE owners that actually care about you. a lot of owners just do it for the money, but angela has always been very supportful. i am now very proud of being a member of the dollar pit, and of everything it has to offer. although i have gotten lazy with offers -- on all sites, not just this one, the members and the owner still helped me out. plus there are many other opportunities to earn such as speedway - although i havent won anything from it yet o.O and recipes/games contests. join the dollar pit today. you wont regret it.


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