Friday, 31 August 2012

join adgoogle ! a new earning opportunity !!!

Please take note that AdGoggle is currently in pre-registration. The AdGoggle mobile app has NOT been launched yet. We target to launch the AdGoggle mobile app sometime in October 2012.You may start building your AdGoggle network by inviting your friends and social networks. Note that your entire AdGoggle network built during this pre-registration period will be FULLY ported over to the mobile app when we launch and start paying our users.

REMEMBER - Do NOT create more than one personal account. AdGoggle has zero tolerance for multiple accounts. If we detect multiple accounts from the same person, AdGoggle reserves the right to terminate all relevant accounts at any point of time. Do NOT try it.Please also be informed that when the AdGoggle mobile app is launched, all users will be required to activate their AdGoggle accounts by providing their mobile phone number to receive a SMS verification PIN.Feel free to check out  FAQ webpage for more information on AdGoggle.

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