Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Make Money Online by Blogging, Online Jobs & Freelancing..

1. Make money by Blogging

  • First, Create a blog from www.blogger.com or www.wordpress.com or any other sites.
  • Start Posting good posts in your blog
  • Tell your friends and relatives about your blog and try to increase your vistors.
  • Then go to http://www.admaya and Create a Publisher account.
  • Then paste the ad-code to your blog.
  • Also who are not familiar with AdHitz I would like you to go take a look. If you have a website or a blog, AdHitz will help you monetize it by showing AdHitz ads. You are paid for each of your valid unique clicks that are generated. For more information please visit the AdHitz website. AdHitz.com 
  • After 6 months you can try Google adsense
  • Start Earning :)
  • 2. Online Jobs

    There are many Online Jobs available. Some sites are very good. And also many sites are there to cheat you.. So be careful whenever you are choosing a site for online jobs. Jobs are available in the catagories like Data Entries, Ad Placing, copy writing , conversion, etc.

    Search Google or find Online job sites from advertisements in many sites.. (courtesy:tricklabs.blogspot.in)


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