Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Free web hosting package; 250 mb to 100 gb bandwidth !!!

Free cPanel Web Hosting with PHP5/Mysql - no advertising!
Register now: http://www.000webhost.com

We can offer you a free web hosting package packed with advanced features for hosting & building professional dynamic websites. We provide secure free web space with all the web hosting tools you could possibly ever need.

Our package includes:

- 1500 MB of Disk Space, 100 GB Bandwidth
- Host your own domain (http://www.yourdomain.com)
- cPanel Powered Hosting (you will love it)
- Over 500 website templates ready to download
- Easy to use website builder
- Free POP3 Email Box with Webmail access
- FTP and Web based File Manager
- PHP, MySQL, Perl, CGI, Ruby.
- And many more..

Click below link .it takes to you a oder page.

1. Click on free hosting order

2. In second step give any register domain(any fake domain) 

    then register.
3. Get paid out money

Sign up here !


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